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At Rauch-Milliken International, Inc. (“RMI”), our clients have come to expect the utmost professional courtesy and a comprehensive approach to commercial debt recovery. Our goal is to maximize recovery rates on commercial bad debt and to ensure that you receive the highest return on every dollar placed with us.

Please browse the following and you will find several key points that separate us from the competition. 


GUARANTEED PERFORMANCE RMI is proud to offer a contingent rate schedule for our collection service. This contingent rate schedule means your company will receive the maximum effort at minimal expense. We remain motivated at all times to recover every dollar possible since we do not charge fees unless we are successful in our collection efforts. In today’s world of Accounts Receivables Management, it is extremely important to ONLY WORK WITH AN AGENCY that is a member of the Commercial Law League of America Commercial Collection Agency Section (CCCA), Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (ACA) and the International Association of Commercial Collectors (IACC). Ask for the current certificate of compliance to be sure. RMI strives to maintain the high standards upheld by these fine accrediting organizations. In addition RMI maintains a license and bond in each of the 23 states that currently require a collection agency to be licensed and bonded. The states are listed here for your convenience as of June 29, 2012. Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, Tennessee, Wyoming, Washington


RMI knows that being a successful member of the financial services community means providing outstanding customer service. We are able to provide account updates to our clients in a format that is customized to their specific needs. We are happy to work with you to design an updating system based on your preferences as a credit professional and based on any specific company requirements. From 24-hour online access to your accounts to email or fax updates upon request, the way in which you monitor the accounts placed with RMI will be determined by YOU and not by us.


Our clients save thousands of dollars each year in collection fees by using our 10-Day Free Demand Service. Upon request, RMI will generate a free demand letter on each account prior to placement. This will allow your customer one final opportunity to pay their debt amicably. If the customer pays within the 10-day demand period, there are no fees due RMI. This service is provided at no cost to our clients and has proven to be extremely valuable in determining which customers are trying to pay their debt and which customers should be placed in collections.


RMI utilizes a team of trained specialists armed with the most technologically advanced resources to locate customers that have skipped from their last known addresses. This feature is part of our service and is performed at no additional cost to our clients. Skip tracing is a key part of any successful receivables management organization as it is essential to locate responsible parties in order to properly make demand.


RMI will not hesitate to involve a licensed private investigator to assist in the pursuit of information and to make demand on your customer based on jurisdiction and amount of the claim. This resource has proven to be an effective method to instill a sense of urgency within the customer to resolve their debt as quickly as possible. This service is part of our protocol in certain cases and is done at no additional cost to our clients.


Many of our clients have expressed an increasing interest in the business credit report aspect of our service. Our investigative division provides an extremely detailed report at a very reasonable cost. Many areas of any particular business are included in our business credit reports. Some of the most popular features are:

  • Bankruptcy Searches
  • Liens & Judgments Search
  • Corporate Filings
  • UCC-1 Filings

At RMI our philosophy has always been deeply rooted in what is best for our clients. We have invested in the most modern tools available to monitor and record every debtor conversation in order to protect our clients’ interests at all times. We feel that it is our obligation to provide the companies we represent with full accountability for our actions. RMI is confident in the fact that we conduct ourselves ethically and professionally at all times. The nature of our business is such that we sometimes have to interact with debtors that are prone to engage in any tactic to delay payment, including filing frivolous lawsuits and making false accusations. These risks decrease dramatically when the debtor knows that EVERY conversation is being recorded. Many of our competitors choose not to maintain records of debtor conversations because of the significant time and expense involved with maintaining such a recording system. RMI has made the decision to invest in call monitoring because it is our sincere belief that collection results are maximized when this risk is eliminated.


Our industry has evolved from the days of phone and fax to email and import/export data transfers. RMI has met the challenge of companies large and small to maintain compatibility standards allowing for the exchange of information and data easily through our multi-server based platform. RMI has the ability to offer online access to our system so that you can review your accounts 24-hours a day. Accounts may be placed through our website or through various FTP sites utilized by many of our clients to place hundreds of claims each month. Our IT Department is happy to answer any questions regarding our systems and software packages.


There are many claims RMI has received from our clients with specific instructions regarding our pursuit. Based on your request, we can take an approach that is more conservative or more aggressive, depending on your preference. Absent any instructions to the contrary, RMI makes every effort to leave the door open for you to maintain an ongoing business relationship with your customers. We never forget, however, that our primary goal is to recover the outstanding debt that they owe.


Each recovery specialist assigned to handle your claims has been trained and certified in commercial debt recovery. He or she is well-versed in mediation tactics, dispute resolution skills, verification techniques, and utilization of the laws within the debtor’s state to leverage your position as effectively as possible. All debtor conversations are recorded and stored for review and training purposes. Training sessions and Saturday and evening shifts are normal scheduled events at RMI. Our recovery specialists are well compensated and are given the opportunity to exchange ideas freely throughout the day regarding particular strategies and tactics.


Many of our clients have done business internationally for years. These clients that have international claims enjoy the convenience of placing those claims just as they would domestic claims through RMI. We employ a bilingual staff of recovery specialists including a fully supported software system tailored to foreign collection letters, email demands, and current customs regarding the pursuit of debt in different countries and cultures. RMI has recovered debt in over 100 foreign countries and is capable of filing suit on your behalf all over the world.


In the event RMI is not able to motivate your customer to satisfy its past due balance, we will forward any claim in excess of $1,800 to a certified commercial collection attorney in the debtor’s jurisdiction for further pursuit. The attorney will make demand and provide, at no additional cost, his or her professional written opinion regarding whether or not a suit to recover the claim should be filed. While the standard rate for the attorney is one-third (1/3) of what is collected, your up-front costs are limited to filing fees and court costs. Lawsuits will be filed only with your authorization.


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